Parallel Play

The members of Parallel Play grew up as alternative music driven individuals but have now found themselves invading the folk genre. Still, their "alternative" roots are represented in full musically and in spirit. Their discography includes folk renditions of alternative favorites like Green Day's "Pulling Teeth", The Cranberries' "Linger" and Gin Blossoms' "Found Out About You".

Jeremy Drake, Parallel Play's lyricist, starts his songwriting with a 60's pop mentality. Then he weaves in a nice grunge layer by dragging the songs into a mosh pit and stomping them to death. Insert a toe-tapping riff, counter-melodies and other inspirations, not to over-complicate but to create a genuine, honest sound. The songs dynamically rise from ample amounts of harmonious vocals and a lively backbeat. Add banjo then bake! Mmmm, folky!

These ingredients and influences also fuel their high-octane performance. No matter the beats per minute, Erin Gayden (upright) and Pappy McCall (percussion) drive each song straight to the feet of the crowd causing outbursts of stomping and dancing. While Jeremy Drake's thrashing of his 5-string guitar and Jason Miears' banjo picking can rev up the audience into a headbanging frenzy. It's a sweat covered stage from physical and emotional exertion and its part of the PP guarantee.

Jeremy Drake (5-String Guitar & Vox)

Jason Miears (Tenor Banjo & Harmony)

Erin Gayden (Upright Bass & Harmony)

Pappy McCall (Percussion)

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