Take Your Pants Off


I came in
Into a blueprint
Into a blueprint of what it was

I sound off
None of my words get absorbed
All fire back at me (x3)
And I keep on with repeating them

I lift my head out of my hands
To force myself out into the open
Into the open (x3)

Searching for signs to see when the trail is
Watching the time to deplete when the trail is
Kicking up memmories when the trail is cold

I'm so close
I've got her fragrance in my clothes
Only evidence she left (x3)
Evidently to compel me

Climb up off the floor, upright, like I'm ready
Halfway up the yard and dressed, like I'm ready
Start to take the calls, recite, like I'm ready
Underneath it all there's unrest, I'm not ready to


Dark clouds when you hang around
I see the evil in your ways while you’re hoverin’
A dump truck, full of jive, that ya’ start up
Yet I long for the wrong that you’re shoveling
Dark clouds when you hang around
I feel the look that you give while you’re watching me
They don’t know, kill ‘em slow, that’s your motto
I’m inside, all the time, still it’s raining on me
I can’t look now, when you’re smiling
I can’t move now, from what you’re piling on me
I can’t taste now, when you’re kissing
I can’t think now, from with you messing with me
Dark Cloud Woman
Dark clouds when you hang around
I’m inclined soon to find where my feet can go
I’m shutting up, covered up, in the bedding
Part of me, secretly, really has to know
I’m that sucker to find
The unluckiest of kind
An “X” on the head
On a desperate man
Now next in the bed
And dead by the hands of a woman


Take these hands if I can't touch her (x2)
Can't withstand this pain, this torture
Take these hands from me

Well I won't ever applaud, I can handle it
If you deserved one, I could yell it
Or any other number of ways for my presence to be known
Well it might be a challenge, to lead a dance
But there's rhythm in my feet, in my pants
A two limb shim sham, an unforgettable show

Well as far as my guitar, I couldn't pick it
But if you would hold it, I could kick it
A new kind of noise all the kids will be raving about
Well I'd be a little limited on my gestures
But witness just a minute in, you'll get the picture
A love drunk sap with his heart tipped and pourin' out

One, two, Only one thing left to do
Three, four, 'cause I won't take it anymore
Five, Six, just one way prevents it
Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten, to ever touch the girl again
Take these hands if I can't touch her (x2)
Can't withstand this pain, this torture
Can't contain this love, this treasure


Over yonder I made castles out of mud
While you add to your grand collection of six pack carcasses of cheap light beer to the back of your truck

If he ain’t seen around
He must be downtown
In dire need to slam some down
And bring some back bagged up brown

Over yonder I found imaginary friends
While you and boys in blue set dates for you that limits you what you do on the count of your breath

Shreveport, not quite what you asked for
On the ground floor
It won’t stop you going down and take the only people you know


It takes too long to say no
It don’t feel wrong to have you go
Along with me, I’m interested in love
I won’t ask why when it’s yes
You ain’t got time to second guess
Around with me, I’m being bested by love

Well if your only plan’s ignoring
Then this lonely man can’t abide
Don’t be wanting me foreign
In my mind you got one side I can fall on

It takes too long to say no
Your brown eyes have enough to show
Accede to me, where there’s pressure there’s love
No hesitation when it’s yes
Sharp sensations have you confess
Aloud to me, and overpowered by love


She smiles upside down
While I'm around
So hostile, such harsh trials
I try to reconcile
She smiles upside down

Well I try, I try to be positive
And I try, I try to make the most of it
But she's so persistent with her distance that she keeps from me
But still I try, I try to romance her
And I try, I try to be an answer
But I stand here scratching my head asking what my darling needs because...

Well I try, I try not to philander
And I try, I try to understand her
But she sits and piddles, speaks in riddles if she talks at all
But sill I try, I try to accommodate
And I try real hard to procreate
Though I'm chivalrous, It's "odious" defines me when recalled and then...

Until I'm exiled, she's juvenile, so vile and getting riled
She smiles upside down




Walls fall down apathetically
A lazy drawl mistaken for a tease
I’m caught up inside and I shouldn’t be
I’m realizing why ‘cause I’m not empty

And I’m bled

Thoughts presented unpunctual
With intent to avoid a quarrel
Maneuvering like the fight was prearranged
Continually try to hide I’m short change

Exit all my breath
From how she is dressed
And what it suggests
Since I'm being left
There's just nothing said
Like unwelcomed guest
If it's blood she wants she gets


See that man behind that counter
These demands make sure he honors
I'll do what you will ask me to
They're standing still so take the till
Grab the wheel of this automobile
I'll do what you will ask me to

So heaven won't you look away
Treat the whole thing as if it's gray
Though I know on judgement day, he'll say
No vacancy today

Without question, though I can't phathom
All these sins, it still don't matter
I'll do what you will ask me to

Behind us now making advances
FIRE THE SHOT! They're ginvin' chances
I'll do what you will ask me to
Now gather up the only witness
One loose end, you gotta end this
I'll do what you will ask me to

Hasn't quite sunk in yet
All the things I'll soon regret
Trying to wash off this blood
Gotta rid these thought that you're the 'cause of (x3)

See these bars they're just obstacles
Break us free and if the cops come
I'll do what you will ask me to
If we get caught awaits death's sentence
Can't go back, there's no repentance
I'll do what you will ask me to


I’ve been thinking too much lately
More than I would like to admit to you or to myself
It seems I picture a fantasy
How is it wrong just as long it’s with you and no one else

This beating chest, it hasn’t rested
It needs addressed by what’s left
At the door, last night, silhouette suggests
That you’ve made your mind, now the truth won’t surface

I’ve been giving so much lately
More than I could, but I would, only you, and not myself
It seems you dismiss hastily
And not for long do the feelings resume to what I’ve felt

I’ve been breaking down quite quickly
More than I thought, but I’m haunted by you, when by myself
I’m sectioned off entirely
I ponder it through, while I wander from you, refusing help

I’ve been thinking too much lately
More than I would like to admit to you or to myself
I shouldn’t still feel lonely
I might make it through, but I still think of you and no one else


You'd rather be lost than seeing this through
With these strangers ahead and there's more that's behind you
Similar steps leading nowhere soon
Every turn isn't yours to choose
It's the single file line we resist
In a crowded aisle of them that insist
It's the single file line we resist
And it feels like miles for an inch
Now bring your friends and guide your gods
Expunge your fence, expand your lawn
And toast the rest then curse who's gone
And all which that congest this path that we're on
Some footprints yours fit and some are too large
The ones that are small help your ego recharge
The pace is sporadic, it's hard on your heart
When each stop feels just like the start

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